Before you even begin, do you know that on February 18, 1979 it snowed in the Sahara? In the small town located more than 1000 meters above sea level, which is also nicknamed "the doors of the desert". OK we are far from the four meters received in Gaspésie since the beginning of That's it, my BA of the day is made hahaha. I managed to talk about a topical irritant in my blog. But where am I going with my skis? I will not ski very far, because in fact it costs much less to embark on 3D printing than to launch from the top of a mountain. In Ski of course I speak here.

I grant you, skiing is really a great sport, but the three-dimensional impression is simply magical! A colleague of mine works to call me the wizard since I started additive manufacturing. He tells me KC:

you have the ultimate power to create!

There are several types and methods for 3DP (3 dimensional printing). For my part, I will focus on the technique of melting a resin (usually a plant thermoplastic - PLA) through a nozzle heated to high temperature. A molten filament (tenth of a millimeter) comes out. This wire is deposited in line and is glued by fusion and on a heating bed on what has been deposited beforehand. PLA is a fully biodegradable thermoplastic molecule that uses renewable raw materials.

The abbreviation PLA comes from the English word Polylactic Acid, which is translated into French as "Polylactic acid".

If we speak $ The prices depend of course on the dimensions of the objects you want to create. You can start buying one with a budget of $ 400. Several models are displayed around this price, sometimes to mount yourself, other times in presale on the sites. Do not neglect the used a lot of beautiful finds await you there. There are also more and more distributors on site right here in Quebec City!

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As for the raw material, the basic PLA is around $ 15 to $ 20 a kilo. So, if we do the math:

  • $ 400 printer
  • $ 15 PLA
  • a computer that does not roll on windows milinium lol ...
  • electricity
  • Good luck ...

Not so bad after reflection! I still believe that before you get into 3D printing you have to ask yourself some questions?

By answering the following questions, choosing a 3D printer will become a breeze!

  1. Want to design objects yourself or download them?
  2. What do you want to print in 3D?
  3. How do you connect and use the 3D printer?

Good luck and I remain available 24/24 7/7 ...